Long may last-

This movie script.

We’re the best gig of

All time.

I should know, I do

Know. now. Better then

Ever before.

Your turning my head, baby.

I can’t look any way except,

Down since if I once

Looked into your eyes

You’d never

Look away. Neither

Would I.

I’m torn and

I don’t know what to do with myself;

Or you, these-

Crazy things we’ve devised

To help ourselves along

The ‘strange’ and narrow


Your hand’s on my hip.

It’s almost

Too much for me, in

The best way.

But what if!

Oh, the things that could

Be and these

Things that are.

It’s terrifying.

Cuz oh,

We’re making a movie and

You’re calling me baby and I

Can’t get used to it.

Maybe I should know,

But it’s hard

To judge when

My judgements clouded by

Your ever-staring eyes, and

You haven’t looked away and

Neither will I.



Real Feel Truth


Caramel smells

make me sick

but on I chew.

Finger down my throat

get the snot out

but it won’t listen. And

wretched retching

so weak it’s hard

to do such a simple thing.

Drag my head down

forehead touches knees

water dripping through my nose.

Don’t ask where I came from.

Round here the seats are cold,

Celcius keeps things real.

Dead men watching from heaven

making me shed tears

telling me, darling,

don’t die tonight.

Today, tonight.

It’s never a good day to die.

I’m linking things back to a time

when friends judged

and I turned my head

and ears

away as I do now.