Turned around slowly, crept

up cliffed terrace, nobody

there to see me, rocks and pebbles

everywhere tumbling, rolling,

preparing to turn me into a

landslide, skimming my ankles upon

the surface of this stony hill

that I’m forced to climb.

here’s the slippery slope at it’s finest

here’s trickery clear as the brightest


And she sat and cussed herself

because everyone knows that pink and red

look terrible together.

And she leaned down to grab salty pretzels

but there weren’t any.

And she stood up and let the tears

streak away where they belonged

but on her cheeks they fell not

but ran further down.

And she gave a yawn of the sort when life

becomes sad since everybody knows

and nobody knows

and they think they know, but

they really don’t.

And it makes things worse when

you don’t know anything yourself-

like how to

live life.

And the salty, muddy, tears

etched their way around upon

her skin.