oh god

So hot and heavy, the air

like stillness before a great storm I

am confused and angry at

myself, mostly because apparently I

ve made weaker this by my

vulnerability. The admission that I cant

hold back what I maybe should

destroyed a little bit

the little thread

that we are holding

on to. Oh how to break

out of this, out of the humidity.

It’s surrounded me on all four sides, all

four corners of this box Im now trapped

what is wrong.. with my soul… i cant decide..

oh god.

Bacon and Cake


If my lips are bacon

then yours are cake.

We’ve never forsaken

our incredible fake.

Bits get stuck between my

teeth, icing slides

around behind my tongue.

Captured low beyond the

beat, it sighs;

Are we too young?

Oozes out of my heart

into the space beyond,

it’s left my soul destitute.

The little left to shake

is crunching down into

small bits and pieces.

The little left to bake

is sludging up upon

the higher grounds.

I hope it makes to

last to

infinity and


Bits of bacon and wedges of cake.

They get stuck between my teeth and

slide around behind my tongue.

Can I have a taste?