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Illegible as is my writing-

so is your soul.

Keep playing with

my heart

and I’ll shatter yours

to pieces.

The speed of my rapid heartbeat

doesn’t match

the speed of my

weakened finger as

it traces your

destroyed features.

Easy to penetrate

quick and particular

sinking you slowly

so you must be.

The fox, oh

I’m clever-

yet danger lies behind

my pearly gates.

Steadily, like a

battering ram

I’ll break and sell you or

keep you, but,

never will

I ever

share you.




Long may last-

This movie script.

We’re the best gig of

All time.

I should know, I do

Know. now. Better then

Ever before.

Your turning my head, baby.

I can’t look any way except,

Down since if I once

Looked into your eyes

You’d never

Look away. Neither

Would I.

I’m torn and

I don’t know what to do with myself;

Or you, these-

Crazy things we’ve devised

To help ourselves along

The ‘strange’ and narrow


Your hand’s on my hip.

It’s almost

Too much for me, in

The best way.

But what if!

Oh, the things that could

Be and these

Things that are.

It’s terrifying.

Cuz oh,

We’re making a movie and

You’re calling me baby and I

Can’t get used to it.

Maybe I should know,

But it’s hard

To judge when

My judgements clouded by

Your ever-staring eyes, and

You haven’t looked away and

Neither will I.