Pyoters Moters

My wife is the dearest, most precious darling and I love her ❤ And I want to let her know that she is safe, she doesn’t need imaginary friends anymore, and that I love her with all my heart.

It’s okay baby – Love Peter



madness to your methods

I listen to you, I do

though stubborn

more comes into my head

then floats out. I swear



finally now when tired

, my words pick up pace and

my whispers thicken into the

accent of

one whose heard others speaking with it all

her life , and-

rarely did herself

, unable to

face the glorious ease in

letting go of

denying myself.

playing the largest part

in this was my inability to

disclose: for the

situations never deem appropriate, and

I being always stiff , every time

like nails stuck in an old board,

so quickly felt the difference

between sitting

and standing, bent

knees. change of

position a rare

glimpse of comfort, so


but here I am

, so snug

where my lips easily sink to

homes’ tongue, my words thicken

back into unguarded, grateful


here it is lovely.


languid smile I so easily push off my face.. yet you asked it to linger, lately I’ve a tendency to provide you with ample time.. to fall for me.


places a dead body upon your back
and the dead hands
it places over your eyes
to keep them from spilling over
should you throw it off?
or when they stop
your breath
drying it out
with their ancient dust
,cough back the sobs
,your moans denied
is it a mercy or a burden?
though you thrust
your shoulders back and forth,
it will not fall off
though but barely it clings!
I am most afraid
that it is my will which does not
shake it as strongly
as it ought, to free it.
I’ve adjusted to the weight,
the comfort of
my tearless existence.
I am not ready to
drop tears for you yet
No, I will leave
this emotionless horror
to terrorize me
until all is resolved
between us once more.


Yes, I am still a donut, the one

with a hole through

the middle.

I’m absolutely impaled.

Today- its gotten so large-

that I’m terribly afraid

it will overtake me.

Breaking to bits second by second,

every time a fresh wave of

crumbs falls, oh,

soon they will run out.

Then I can be numb, nothing.

Oh, how to fill, this

gaping hole? I’m not conditioned

for this, should I apologize?

that horrid environment-

the one where I get eaten

piece by piece

less of me left

then ever before.

Oh, when can I go numb?



You’re off in a rush, and

I envy your constant


Glint and shine off

crumbled panes, the blast

sweeps by as you blow,

knocks me off my feet.

Stay, for a moment-  here.

I’d sing under the willows

with you but soon as I start you’ve

moved on to the pines.

Your too quick for me.

Swift and sure, a

messenger of mixed tidings.

Always around, never here.

Please stay, for a moment, with me.

Real Feel Truth


Caramel smells

make me sick

but on I chew.

Finger down my throat

get the snot out

but it won’t listen. And

wretched retching

so weak it’s hard

to do such a simple thing.

Drag my head down

forehead touches knees

water dripping through my nose.

Don’t ask where I came from.

Round here the seats are cold,

Celcius keeps things real.

Dead men watching from heaven

making me shed tears

telling me, darling,

don’t die tonight.

Today, tonight.

It’s never a good day to die.

I’m linking things back to a time

when friends judged

and I turned my head

and ears

away as I do now.